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the beauty of fictionI have been a writer for a very long time. I make my living by writing… whether it be emailing or blogging away. Regardless, my favorite form of writing is actually fiction writing. You see, fiction writing allows us to truly give in to the illusion around us. It allows us to explore life in meaningful and often unique ways, ways that we may never had anticipated before. The raw tragedy of all of this is that fewer and fewer people are picking up books.

However, with the advent of the Kindle and other amazing ebook stores, I believe the tide is truly turning. People ARE reading books. They are reading them in droves now! Look what Amazon did and it is easy to see that people are getting back into the wide wild world of fiction.

So what is my goal with this website? Well, I guess nothing in particular.

I would love to showcase a few stories, maybe even debut a novel. Likely, I will do hardly anything because like every great fiction writer out there… I am very lazy. :-)

That being said, I will probably write more articles on here talking about weird aspects of fiction you may never have thought about.  Things that likely will interest no one else but me… but… whatever!


And all that jazz.

Now with all of that said, I want to leave you with this video.

It is a video narration of one of the many, numerous and haunting short stories of Thomas Ligotti. If you have no clue who Thomas Ligotti is, have no fear, most people do not. He is super underground, yet he carries the new horror crown. Truly, Ligotti is the heir to Lovecraft, no small claim by any means. Without further ado… enjoy this narration and the rest of my website.

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Anchorage Roofing Contractors: A Valuable Asset towards Maintaining a Well Functioning Roofing System

No homeowner should be without the availability of trusting and reliable roofing contractors. There will always be a need for roofing maintenance and with this fact it will be such an important issue to always have one handy for when there is the need to maintain the condition of the upper covering on the home. They will provide the services for such matters as installations, replacements and repairs of any kind so to create a home with a roofing system that is safe and secure from the outdoor environmental elements. It takes quite a lot of special education and training for anyone to become a professional roofing contractor and due to these requirements it is also essential for homeowners to only allow projects for the upper covering on their homes to be given to such professionals as Anchorage roofing contractors for the most sufficient means for maintaining a well functioning roofing system for their property.


Keeping the roof on a house in good stable condition will be a must for all homeowners to maintain in order to control the indoor temperature as well as the protection for the home from various elements that are always present outside. When hiring the services of professional roofing contractors, all homeowners will be sure to get a team of experts who specialize with the maintaining of the roofing system, which will include regular inspections, choosing the right kind of materials for the roof, the proper means of installations, the ability to re-roof the upper portion of the house and they can also offer advice for the homeowner to consider with regards to keeping the upper covering on their property in good form.


Situations will occur over time with regards to the need for some work to be done for the roof of a house and depending on just what type of maintenance needs to be addressed; it will be these professional roofing contractors who will be there when called upon for their outstanding and dependable quality services. Having these local roofers available to homeowners when they need such roofing projects for the purpose of re – roofing, installations, repairs or any other means of maintenance with regards to maintaining the well functioning of the roofing system shall be a very valuable asset to rely on, as there will certainly be times when this area of the home will be in need for the type of workmanship that makes them the number one choice among so many homeowners concerns for the well being of their roofing system.


You can be sure when having the professional services of Anchorage roofing professional contractors around that there will never be a need to worry about whether or not the upper covering on your house will be durable and reliable enough to tolerate the outdoor environmental elements, as they specialize with providing the type of work that will always keep this roofing system in excellent form, which is what places their business at the top of the roofing industry.

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Why Roofs are Important in Literature

The wide world of literature leads us to many different rooftops and viewpoints. It might be a weird thing to discuss, but the way a roof is described in a piece of literature is actually northern contracting peoplevery telling. In fact, many such details as this are telling signs of good literature. These little details such as food, clothing people are wearing, and even the kind of commercial roofing system characters have can all add a 3 dimensional feel to a story.

This is an important thing. It is through multi-dimensional characters and story arcs that make a terrific story. The deeper the details go, the deeper the reader will feel for the world that the writer has made with his ink and computer pixels splashing across the screen.

One of my friends recently came to me talking to me about what makes a good story,  I told them flatly that it is all about the characters. The characters you create need to have weaknesses more than strengths. Sure, strength is good but it is the weakness that a character displays that really endears us to the character, makes us relate. Maybe the character is the owner of a Northern Contractors business, a brand new business that they are trying to build. Why are they building it? Maybe this character is a single mom trying to support herself in a man’s world. The contracting business after all is very much male dominated. Now this angle gives us an interesting take, for one what kind of woman is she for becoming a contractor?


Perhaps bold?  Perhaps so.

The real answer will develop as the story itself unfolds. It is these kind of angles that are important. It is these angles that make the story important in the first place. In this example, we may learn of the commercial roofing she does to pay the bills. Or maybe she gets into a fight with her vendor that sells her the materials for her latest and greatest EPDM roofs. There is all sorts of richness now… all because of a certain detail, a certain weakness or oddity that marks a character as different.

In this case that oddity is a woman in the world of contractor work who is selling commercial roofing services, while also being a single mom trying to raise her son to have a good life and a good education so he can better himself in a very competitive world. The details we paint become small subtle clues as to what makes a great story. When you add all these subtle clues together, they make the best story that can be told. It is these kind of stories that win actual awards in the land of the Fiction Kingdom.

Now ask yourself, what can you do to make YOUR characters more likely to stand out with their bold weaknesses? What is the kind of roof THEY live under?

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